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In mountain bike circles, the Slickrock Trail is famous! It requires stamina and skill to negotiate the petrified sand dunes that comprise the trail. Mountain biking has escalated with travel for riding and trail building by destinations across the United States and the world. Moab has stayed relevant to mountain biking due to the effort of the volunteers of the Moab Trail Mix. Now alternative slickrock can be ridden for less extreme pedaling, yet there is ample expert terrain too. There are trails that are sufficient for the entire family in Moab. If you haven’t bicycled Moab lately, you haven’t biked Moab. You can no longer say, ‘Been there, done that’ about Moab.

The uranium miners steered into the far reaches around Moab in the 1950s using two wheel drive and the granny gear. As that boom passed and recreation dawned, fat tire biking used those dirt roads along with four wheel drive users. As recreation booms, an abundance of travelers cued a variety of segments for single track mountain bike pedaling, ATV only trails, single track trail motorcycling, as well as, 4×4 vehicle use on Moab’s surrounding trails.

Check out DiscoverMoab.com for the quintessential overview of Mountain Bike trails of Moab. Green Circles, Blue Squares and Black Diamonds have been assigned to trails to better enable visitors to select a trail according to ability. A network of trails are found in some areas so a carload can travel together yet ride separate trails in relation to recovering from yesterday’s epic ride, or start with an easy one to progress to another level of skill or ply those skills for more difficult trail lines. Obviously, if you haven’t pedaled Moab lately, you really haven’t pedaled Moab. Come check out 111 miles of mountain bike trails in Moab. Print the maps on http://discovermoab.com/biking.htm and bring them along. Or purchase each map at a local Moab bike shops for $2-$3 each. That money goes into the treasury of the Moab Trail Mix, the fine organization building and maintaining Moab’s excellent variety of mountain bike trails. Need more travel information? Phone 435-259-8825 Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM Mountain Standard Time or email info2@discovermoab.com.


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Dignitaries, partners and the Moab Community turn out for the ribbon cutting of the paved improved pavement of Moab’s Old Highway. The route goes north from the Colorado River Bike and Pedestrian Bridge, between Arches National Park and Hwy 191 north to the Brand Trails trailhead.

Find the path a great length for road bikes, family pedaling without motorized conflict and mountain bike access to the Brand Trails, Gemini Bridges, Dead Horse Point Intrepid Trails and the Island in the Sky’s Hwy 313.


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by Jacques Marias

This Article. Utah: Two-wheel heaven, showed up in the New Zealand Herald. This July story re-caps a February mountain bike riding experience. Jacques Marias wrote — “When to go: Summer is hot, whereas winter snow and ice will add to the level of danger, so autumn and spring are good. That said, February can have gorgeously clear days and means you will have nearly every trail to yourself.”

Coloradoans regularly are found on the Moab mountain bike trails in February. They come to escape the deep snow of their home places. Interviews with these sporty folks have revealed that they are more selective about trails. Avoid the shadowed trails that will hold snow remnants. Consulting the Moab bike shops employees will help coordinate trail usage. Occasional drifts dapple trails, which may mean, stepping off the bike to push or carry it for a segment. A headlamp is tucked away. The days are shorter and if there are delays, there then is a light source.

It is July, seemingly too hot to bike Moab. However, the La Sal Mountains have trails. Geyser pass settles at about 9400 ft beneath the Manti-La Sal National Forest peaks, such as,

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The age of cell phones. The Moab information line rings. Hikers are in transit and unable to find the Fisher Mesa trailhead. Navigating the internet MountainBikeBill has a wonderful description, some nice images of the Fisher Mesa trail too. Seems the crucial direction to locate this dirt road is: reset the odomenter and the junction of the Loop Road with the Castle Valley road. Watch for the dirt road on the left at 5.4 miles. While you are out along Hwy 128 check out the recently fabricated Amphitheatre Hiking Trails (page 23 Trail Happenings)

Walk or Bike Moab Trails

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Want to know about Moab’s SlickRock Trail? You get images, video, rating, map with Mountain Bike Trails USA.

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Dual Sport Utah RiderDown Benefit Motorcycle Ride 2009 Moab Kokopelli Trail KTM from Doug Hayduk on Vimeo.

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